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Early Stage Researchers

Isasti Iribar

Ion Isasti Iribar

Research: Chemistry of Low Dimensional Materials
Jimeno Pozo

Alejandro Jimeno Pozo

Research: Graphene
Kotapalayam Mathialagan

Shanmugasibi Kotapalayam Mathialagan

Research: Nanoarchitectonics on Surfaces
Le Meur

Marion Le Meur

Research: Biosensors in neuroscience
Position: PhD Researcher
Llamas  Martinez 

Iban Llamas  Martinez 

Research: Permanent Magnets and Applications
López Méndez

Rosalía López Méndez

Research: Advanced Magneto-Optics
López Sánchez

Jorge López Sánchez

Research: Permanent Magnets and Applications
Martín Asensio

Alberto Martín Asensio

Research: Functional Surfaces
Martin Hoyas 

Alejandro Martin Hoyas 

Research: Metallodrugs to Modulate Cancer Cell Machinery
Martín Merinero

Alejandro Martín Merinero

Research: Pump-probe Photoinduced Absorption Spectroscopy
Martínez Estévez

Sandra Martínez Estévez

Research: Metal-organic frameworks, semiconductor physics, quantum Hall effect
Position: PhD Researcher
Martínez Ibarburu

Iván Martínez Ibarburu

Position: PhD Researcher
Martínez Martínez

Ana Martínez Martínez

Research: Switchable Nanomaterials
Mateos Roncero   

David Mateos Roncero   

Research:  Photonic STM