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group paolo

The group explores novel concepts in spintronics based on spin-dependent transport in low dimensional magnetic materials in which spin-orbit coupling plays an important role. These include thin films and multilayer stacks, combining ferromagnetic (FM), antiferromagnetic (AFM), perovskite oxides and 2D materials.

We resort to epitaxial growth, surface/interface and magneto-transport (including synchrotron-based) investigations, as well as nanofabrication, to engineer, characterize and design novel architectures and merge in a single device the functionalities of their individual constituents.

The group’s activities are actually focused on i) the engineering artificially the surface/interface of nanostructures based on 2D materials, oxides and (ferro and antiferro)-magnetic materials; ii) electric and magnetic field control of spin-orbit phenomena for magneto-electric memories and neuromorphic applications.