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The Protein Engineering group, led by Dr. Begoña Sot, is mainly focussed in the modification of proteins by protein engineering for their use in nanomedicine and nanotechnology. It closely collaborates with the NanoBiotechnlogy group, led by Dr. Alvaro Somoza, to increase the multidisciplinary of their research, that is the key for nanoscience research. Then, they combine the expertise of Dr. Alvaro Somoza in the use of modified oligonucleotides and nanostructures in nanomedicine with Dr. Begoña Sot expertise in protein engineering.

The Protein Engineering group leads with several research lines, centered in the use on modified proteins to create new nanomedical tools. Specifically, the current research topics are:

- Design of new immunotherapy tools based in engineered molecular chaperones and gold nanoparti- cles able to load Antigen Presenting Cells with antigens and siRNAs for their use in immunotherapy.

- The design of new strategies for an efficient editing of Uveal Melanoma and Pancreatic cancer cell lines based on Cas proteins.

- Effect of molecular chaperones in amyloid fibres assembly.

- Antibacterial activity of metal nanoparticles conjugated with modified bactericidal peptides.