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fran group

The scientific interest of the NANOMAGBIOTECH group mainly relies on exploiting physical phenomena of magnetic nanoparticles -activated by optical irradiation and alternating magnetic fields- for energy and biomedical applications. Moreover, the development of novel instrumentation or methodologies for probing new evidences is a key issue in our research activities.

In particular, the group is highly interesting in:

1- The study of the influence of intrinsic (size, chemical composition) and extrinsic (biological matrix, field conditions, aggregation, concentration, viscosity, etc..) parameters on the AC magnetic response (including magnetic heating) of magnetic nanoparticles.

2- The study of the influence of biological matrices and fluids on the AC magnetic response of magnetic nanoparticles.

3- The use of magnetic nanoparticles as magnetic transducer for sensing molecular markers in biological fluids.

4-Heating losses of iron oxide nanoparticles activated by magnetic or optical means.

5-The development and validation of instrumentation for advanced magnetic measurements.