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Functional Nanoscale Materials and Devices group

The Functional Nanoscale materials and Devices (FunNanoDev) group is interested in the fundamental properties of low-dimensional materials (0D molecules, 1D CNT and 2D materials) and their implementation into nanoscale functional devices.

  1. 2D and 1D materials: We have assembled scalable nano-transistors based on franckeite heterostructures obtained by liquid-phase exfoliation (Nanoscale 2018). We are also interested in the controlled positioning of SWNT in complex devices. We have fabricated Field-Effect Transistors with chemically modified SWNTs selectively positioned by dielectrophoresis (Angewandte Chemie Int Ed. 2017). We are currently working in the hybridization of SWNTs with superconducting circuits.
  2. Molecular Magnetism: We are also very interested in fundamental studies of the magnetism of molecules and other nanoscale materials (coordination polymers, 2D materials, mechanically interlocked magnetic molecules).