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Cross-cutting factors

Please note that proposals must consider cross-cutting factors as required in the work-programme. Find out more: EC programme guide

Cross-cutting factor

Elements to identify and take into consideration

Policy context


  • Related and more distant disciplines, incl. social sciences and humanities


  • Consortia links and connections and formalised institutional partnerships
  •  EU partnerships (co-programmed, institutionalised)
  • Synergies with other projects and funding calls
  • Other links to influence groups and organisations


Gender dimension of research

(see Gendered Innovation 2 guidelines)

  • Gendered materials/samples
  • Gendered outcomes and factors intersecting with gender
  • Equal opportunities at all levels
  • Gender expertise/training

Open science practices

  • Dissemination and exploitation of results
  • Open access
  • Data management plan and FAIR principles
  • Open source
  • Social innovation and citizen science

Education and training

  • Empowering researchers
  • Cross-sectoral opportunities outside academia
  • Supervision and institutional capabilities and facilities

Dissemination of results

(public disclosure of results)

  • Open science practices
  • Target audiences (industrial sector, policy makers, scientists, end-users, etc) and channels
  • Activities and measures

Exploitation of results

  • Key exploitable results
  • Consortium agreement
  • Routes to exploitation
  • Intellectual property management and results ownership
  • Barriers
  • Further research
  • Feeding back to policy


(telling about your project)

  • Vision
  •  Strategy
  • Main message(s)
  • Activities and channels


  • Human rights and safeguarding
  • Animal protection and welfare
  • Health and safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Artificial Intelligence


  • Valorisation of results
  • Quality
  • Interoperability
  • Market acceptance
  • EU standardisation strategy (incl. made-in-Europe)


  • Sensitive or classified information, used or created