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EVO-NANO (http://www.evonano.eu/) is a H2020/FET-Open project aiming to create an integrated platform for the artificial evolution and validation of nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems. Nanoparticles are increasingly being used in cancer applications for their ability to deliver treatments and diagnostics directly to tumours. The targeted scientific breakthrough is to establish, for the first time, an integrated evolvable platform for artificial evolution of novel NP-based drug delivery systems, their synthesis and rapid testing both in vivo and in vitro on a newly developed organ-on-a-chip platform.

The project will focus on designing nanoparticle strategies targeted to cancer stem cells (CSC) of breast and colon origin, with improved NP biodistribution, tumour penetration and cellular uptake in target tissues. In parallel with the computational platform, it will generate the experimental testbed. Testbeds will consist of in vitro microfluidics with controlled cell patterning and in vivo mouse cancer xenografts. Microfluidic systems will mimic major physiological barriers for NP tumour delivery (NP transport and extravasation, tissue penetration and selective cellular uptake).

EVO-NANO is a multidisciplinary consortium organized around two research hubs: computing sciences and modelling (PFNS, UB, UWE and AAU) and experimental in vitro and in vivo cancer and nanoparticle research (IMDEA, VHIR and PCS). Partners with cross-disciplinary expertise are expected to work between these hubs to produce an integrated synthesis between in silico models and their material realizations.

EVO-NANO will officially launch in October 2018. Follow the project’s first steps on Twitter @evo_nano.