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Nanoarchitectures at surfaces

  • Dr. David Écija Fernández

    PhD: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
    Previous Position: Technical University of Munich, Germany
    Research: Molecular Nanoarchitectonics at Surfaces
    Researcher ID: I-2207-2012
    Joining Date: January, 2014
    User Name: david.ecija
    Telephone: +34 91 299 88 55
    Écija Fernández

    David Écija received a PhD degree in Physics from UAM, with a work on self-assembly of nanostructures on surfaces. He was awarded a Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship and moved to Prof. Barth ́s group at the Technical University of Munich, where he carried out a four-year stay working on functional molecular nanoarchitectures on surfaces amenable to scanning probe microscopies. In January 2014 he joined IMDEA Nanoscience as Researcher and “Ramon y Cajal” fellow.

    Research Lines

    We are an enthusiastic team of scientists focused on the study of physical-chemistry and molecular nano- science at interfaces. To this aim we combine state-of-the-art scanning probe microscopies, photoelectron and optical spectroscopies with density functional calculations. Our research lines include: 

    • Coordination chemistry at surfaces.
    • Supramolecular self-assembly at solid surfaces.
    • On-surface synthesis of functional materials.
    • Molecular recognition at interfaces.
    • Hybrid nano-materials.

    Relevant publications

    Relevant publications as group leader:

    Nature Communications, Accepted, 2016
    Thermal selectivity of intermolecular versus intramolecular reactions on surfaces
    B. Cirera, N. Giménez-Agulló, J. Björk, F. Martínez-Peña, A. Martín-Jiménez, J. Rodriguez-Fernández, A. M. Pizarro, R. Otero, J. M. Gallego, P. Ballester*, J. R. Galán-Mascarós*, and D. Ecija*.
    Nature Chemistry, Accepted, 2016
    Quasicrystallinity in Coordination Lattices
    J. I. Urgel, D. Ecija*, G. Lyu, R. Zhang, C.-A. Palma, W. Auwärter, N. Lin*, and J. V. Barth*
    Nature Chemistry 7 (2) 105-120, 2015
    Porphyrin Nanochemistry at Interfaces
    Willi Auwärter, D. Écija, Florian Klappenberger and Johannes V. Barth*
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition 50 (21) 6163-6167, 2015
    Orthogonal Insertion of Lanthanide and Transition Metal Atoms in Metal-Organic Networks on Surfaces
    José I. Urgel, D. Ecija*, Willi Auwärter, Daphné Stassen, D.e Bonifazi, and Johannes V. Barth*
    Nano Letters 13 (3) 1369-1373, 2014
    Controlled manipulation of gadolinium coordinated supramolecules by low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy
    José I. Urgel, D. Ecija*, W. Auwärter and Johannes V. Barth*

    Relevant publications as postdoc:

    PNAS 110 (17), 6678-6681, 2013
    Five-vertex Archimedean surface tessellation by lanthanide-directed molecular self-assembly.
    D. Ecija*, José I. Urgel, Anthoula C. Papageorgiou, Sushobhan Joshi, Willi Auwärter, Ari P. Seitsonen, Svetlana Klyatskaya, Mario Ruben, Sybille Fischer, Saranyan Vijayaraghavan, Joachim Reichert and Johannes V. Barth*.
    Highlighted in Nature Chemistry Research Highlights, issue 6, 2013
    NanoLetters 12 (8), 4077-4083, 2012.
    Selective Supramolecular Fullerene-Porphyrin Interactions and Switching in Surface-ConfinedC60-Ce(TPP)2 Dyads.
    Saranyan Vijayaraghavan; D. Ecija*; Willi Auwärter*; Sushobhan Joshi; Knud Seufert; Ari P. Seitsonen; Kentaro Tashiro; Johannes V. Barth.
    ACS Nano 6 (5), 4258-4265, 2012.
    2D short-range disordered crystalline networks from flexible molecular modules
    D. Écija,* S. Vijayaraghavan, W. Auwärter*, S. Joshi, K. Seufert, C. Aurissichio, D. Bonifazi and J.V. Barth.
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition 50 3872-3877, 2011
    Assembly and Manipulation of Rotatable Cerium-porphyrinato Sandwich Complexes on a Surface
    D. Écija*, W. Auwärter*, S. Vijayaraghavan, K. Seufert, F. Bischoff, K. Tashiro and J. V. Barth*.
    ACS Nano 4 (8), 4936–4942, 2010
    Hierarchic Self-Assembly of Nanoporous Chiral Networks with Conformationally Flexible Porphyrins.
    D. Écija*, K. Seufert, D. Heim, W. Auwärter*, C. Aurisicchio, C. Fabbro, D. Bonifazi*, J.V. Barth.

    Relevant publications as PhD:

    Nature Chemistry 2 (5), 374-379, 2010
    Charge Transfer-induced Structural Rearrangements at Both Sides of Organic/Metal Interfaces.
    T.-C. Tseng, C. Urban, Y. Wang, R. Otero, S. L. Tait, M. Alcamí, D. Écija, M. Trelka, J. M. Gallego, N. Lin, M. Konuma, U. Starke, A. Nefedov, A. Langner, C. Wöll, M. Á. Herranz, F. Martín, N. Martín, K. Kern, and R. Miranda
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (24), 8988-8984, 2008
    Molecular Conformation, Organizational Chirality, and Iron Metalation of Meso-tetramesitylporphyrins on Copper(100)
    D. Écija, M. Trelka, C. Urban, R. Otero, R. Miranda, P. de Mendoza, A.M. Echavarren, J.M. Gallego*, R. Miranda*.
    Physical Review B 77 (2), 024426-0422432, 2008
    Symmetry Breaking-induced Non-symmetric Reversal and Butterfly Remanence Behaviour in Epitaxial Magnetic Thin Films.
    D. Écija, N. Mikuszeit, E. Jiménez, J. Camarero*, J. M. Gallego, N. Sacristán, J. Vogel, R. Miranda*.
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition 46 (41), 7874-7877, 2007
    Crossover Site-Selectivity in the Adsorption of the Fullerene Derivative PCBM on Au(111).
    D. Écija, R. Otero, L. Sánchez, J. M. Gallego, Y. Wang, M. Alcamí, F. Martín, N. Martin*, R. Miranda*.
    NanoLetters 7 (9), 2602-2607, 2007
    An Organic Donor/Acceptor Lateral Superlattice at the Nanoscale.
    R. Otero, D. Écija, J. M. Gallego, L. Sánchez, N. Martin*, R. Miranda*.