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The laboratories dedicated to permanent magnets are divided into five categories:

  • Synthesis and processing of magnetic powders and bulk magnets.


Equipment1 b1


High-energy ball milling devices; three small and large volume furnaces with operation under controlled atmosphere; pressing machine for compaction under magnetic field; humidity chambers for testing under extreme operation conditions.

  • 3D-Printing


3dprinting1 3dprinting2


Different types of extruders and 3D-printing equipment for printing of polymers and composites (PM/polymer and metal/polymer).

  • Thin films growth capabilities.


Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) equipped with a full range of in-situ characterization techniques (XPS, UPS and LEED); two sputtering devices.

  • Magnetic characterization.


Vectorial vibrating sample magnetometer (v-VSM) with possibility of applying a maximum magnetic field of 3T; three vectorial-magneto-optical Kerr effect (v-MOKE) setups allowing for simultaneous recording of angular hysteresis loops and magnetoresistance curves and operating at low and high temperatures; a high resolution MOKE microscope with possibility of in-situ application of perpendicular and in-plane external magnetic field.

Furthermore, microstructural characterization tools (dual FIB/SEM, SEM, TEM,…) are also available at the institute.

  • Electronic capabilities for design and construction of prototypes (motors, sensors…).