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Grupo de Amadeo

The group is working on the characterization by means of low temperature scanning tunnelling microscopy and spectroscopy (LT-STM/STS) the surface of epitaxial 2D materials and topological insulators.

Chemistry on graphene

We are exploring the covalent bonding of chemical species to the epitaxial graphene in ultra-high vacuum conditions. Another research line is the use of epitaxial graphene as a playground to study the interaction between individual molecules deposited on the graphene films.

Tuning the electronic structure of graphene

We have been working on the growth of graphene on different transition metals and the resulting crystallographic and electronic properties. The intercalation of foreign atoms between graphene and the substrate opens the way for further tune the properties of the graphene overlayer.


Exploring the superconductivity at the surface on thin films.

Topological materials

The exploration of the properties of the surface of topological materials.